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Whoever said the course of true love ran smoothly? Well, in the case of a customer in Northampton wanting a new bathroom refit, there was certainly a bumpy road ahead! 
It initially began as a straightforward construction project to replace an aging bathroom suite with a contemporary design. However, what we discovered opened cracks to a leak in the kitchen that had gone unnoticed for years! 
So, the story begins….. 
EBC being the professional and perfection-seeking construction company remained committed to completing the project that would be built to last, no matter the number of curve balls that were thrown in along the way. 
First things first…… 
Deviating from the initial task of removing the obsolete bathroom suite, the water-logged plaster in the damp kitchen had to be removed along with a section of the kitchen to identify the level of damage and to fix the leak. The problem was fixed, and new units were fitted as a result. 
To the job in hand…. 
So not to force the customer to have to take an early bath, the job began on removing the old bathroom suite in preparation for the modern replacement. The tiles were methodically and carefully removed ready for the grand finale, and the old bathroom suite professionally disposed of. 
With the bathroom feeling rather naked after being stripped back of its wet plaster to reveal its brickwork, the concrete plan was to allow a 2-3 week drying window ready for the new tiles to be applied. 
HOWEVER, this plan took an unexpected turn down a road none of us were expecting – the Coronavirus outbreak! 
The restrictions of lockdown delayed the project for 6 weeks, leaving the bathroom standing dormant and empty! 
BUT WAIT…………. 
The cogs have once again begun to turn, and the journey has started to take pace! A new, contemporary bathroom has been fitted.  
If you have had work done but you're experiencing unexplained issues then please let us know because problem solving is all in a days work for us! 
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