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As most companies look to increase their prices in the new year due to overheads, material costs and that B-Word that’s been floating about since 2016, we have frozen our prices for 2020! 
A well known building company has increased the cost of their extensions by 3.9%, their new builds by 3.4% and their landscapes by 3.8%. Although seemingly small percentages, when added to a five or six figure sum, this could end up costing you more than anticipated. For example, a £15,000 extension in 2019 would now cost £15,608.74 in 2020 with this particular company. 
Looking at material price increases alone, where some have increased by a whopping 15%, we have decided that you’ve all spent enough over the Christmas period and can finally stop putting off that extension you’ve always wanted! 
So why Empire Building Co.? Because we understand that every project is unique and therefore approach each one with the same care and attention to detail, no matter the size or scale. Whether you’re looking at putting up something as small as a partition wall or as large as a block of flats, we pride ourselves on ensuring that your finished project is exactly how you had always imagined. There simply is no job too big or too small. We are passionate about building your future. 
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