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You do not have to search ‘high’ and low to find a reputable contractor who will carry out a construction project using high quality materials that are built to last. EBC aim high when undertaking residential roofing projects by using the most durable and long-lasting materials on the UK market. 
Such durable, energy efficient and cost-effective materials include: 
• Shingles (Asphalt, wood, or slate) 
• Metal Tiles 
• Clay Tiles 
• Stone Tiles 
• Concrete Tiles 
• Solar Glass Roofing 
30% of the exterior of your home is the roof, and is one of the most dominant visible features, so it needs to look aesthetically pleasing with the strength to last at least half a century! Factors including the design of your home and the structure of the roof will determine which best material to utilise. 
Clay tiles, for example, are ideal for curves and intricate details that are commonplace on period buildings and are available in a range of shades to compliment the rest of the structure. With an extremely long lifespan, weather resistant and insulating qualities, clay remains a steadfast option that delivers results. 
Metal roofing (aluminium or steel), can take the form of either sheet-like panels or shingles which gives of guarantee of being economically viable. Lightweight with a trusting lifespan and ease of installation, this material is another popular choice amongst homeowners and contractors alike. 
Concrete roofing tiles possess the qualities of being versatile, fire resistant, low maintenance, and relatively eco-friendly. Readily available in a range of colours and designs, these tiles can suit a wide range of house layouts. 
Solar glass roofing tiles can be likened to your well-known solar panels but are installed alongside traditional roof tiles as opposed to on top of them like solar panels. Such tiles can only be fitted if a new roof is planning to be installed, but they are aesthetically pleasing with an expected lifespan of up to 25 years!  
Built to withstand the power of Mother Nature, such tiles are becoming more popular and available in the UK! 
So, if you have ‘high hopes’ for a roofing project to be delivered on time, on budget, and with the highest quality materials, you can rely on EBC to keep you grounded. 
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