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Once a domestic construction project picks up pace, it’s almost impossible to make a clean getaway! Refurbishing your home is a necessary evil if an increase in size and / or property value is what you are seeking. EBC endeavour to minimise the disruption as much as we possibly can. 
We’ve all heard the phrase “a great omelette cannot be made without breaking a few eggs”, so it’s almost impossible to create your dream project without a little disruption. 
Sadly, such disruption doesn’t just end on the work surfaces and skirting boards, no matter how hard we try. Routines and family life can also be affected to some degree. 
Keeping this firmly in mind, EBC strive to cover all bases including: 
• Minimising disruption as much as possible 
• Planning the build work around clients 
• Completing the work on time and on budget 
• Liaising with clients regularly and keeping them informed 
There are also other strategies that can be undertaken to build up a toolkit of survival! 
We will protect your furniture that cannot be moved with waterproof coverings, and physically move smaller pieces away from the firing line in order to minimise any cleaning. 
We will also protect floorings with dust sheets or adhesive coverings to reduce the occurrence of scratching or embedded dirt. 
EBC will go the extra mile to protect your home and work with you and your busy life. Either way, the disruption of a domestic construction project is only a temporary inconvenience with the overall result being just what you have dreamed of! 
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